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Daughters of Storms & Seas

Adult, Fantasy

The daughter of infamous pirate lord Mad Jack, Dimitra Dusk was raised on the seas. Pirating has always been in her blood. Desperate to escape his shadow and cruelty, she raised her own crew of runaway women—similarly escaping abusive families, husbands, and unhappy lives—to fend for themselves on the sea.


Seraphina Adelio is a princess arranged to be married who longs for a life of more. Every detail of her existence has been decided for her, and she’s fed up. When Captain Dusk and her crew turn up in the castle, she discovers her chance for freedom.


The crew refuse to see Seraphina as anything but the enemy; a rich girl who lived a life of luxury choosing to trade it for hardship among pirates could not be one of them. But Dimitra sees her for who she truly is and brings her aboard to convince the crew otherwise. But with a jealous pirate lord and a vengeful king on their tails, priorities change and the crew is forced to come together to survive.

Image by Zoltan Tasi
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