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Sex, Lies, and Demo Tapes

New Adult, Contemporary

Rena always thought her life would be more exciting by 21. She expected to be on a stage playing music with her two best friends, not waiting tables dressed as a pirate, begging her boyfriend to come home with her, a few exams away from losing her college scholarships, or worse, not graduating. The most exciting thing that happens anymore is the weekly rescue mission babysitting Kailey at whatever house party she wandered into alone.


When a Battle of the Bands competition to find an opening band for an upcoming festival is announced, Rena sees a way out: get their high school punk band back together for one last shot at becoming musicians for real. Taking time away from work and school feels like a risk and Rena isn’t sure they’re good enough, but staying stagnant where she’s at isn’t an option anymore.

Until she catches her longtime boyfriend cheating, and all her self-doubt and insecurities come crashing down, threatening to ruin all she's worked for. 

SEX, LIES, AND DEMO TAPES is an adult contemporary about music, heartbreak, and the ride-or-die friendships that pick you up when you fall. It's about choosing yourself and finding your own path in life, regardless of societal expectations.

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