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Sex, Drugs, and Rock Bottom

Twenty-one-year-old Rena is worried about the future. All she wants is to play guitar and spend time with her best friends. But they're busy with their own lives, and "musician" doesn't feel like a realistic career when Abby and Kailey are studying law and psychology. Meanwhile, she's changed her major so many times that she's not on track to graduate, and it doesn't even matter because she's convinced she'll die a waitress like her mother.

When a Battle of the Bands at a Brooklyn music venue is announced to find an opening band for an upcoming festival, Rena decides to get their old punk band, Last Resort, back together to kill two birds with one stone. If they can win, maybe her dream of being a musician isn't so stupid after all. And now she has a reason to see her friends more than once a month.

But when she catches her longtime boyfriend cheating, all her self-doubt and insecurities come crashing down, threatening to ruin all she's worked for. 

SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK BOTTOM is an adult contemporary about music, heartbreak, and the ride-or-die friendships that pick you up when you fall. It's about choosing yourself and finding your own path in life, regardless of societal expectations.