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The Arrangement

Adult, Thriller

Marie Rutkoski's Real Easy meets Grady Hendrix's Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires

What do you do when you find out your Sugar Daddy is a serial killer eating hearts for immortality?

Piper “Violet Skies” Wolff is a bartender at the Vixens Club, a legendary strip club in San Francisco, where her girlfriend Cass—“Sunny Daze”—dances. While Cass loves the dancing, she’s exhausted of the men, and Piper would do anything to give her a normal life outside of the club. The only thing stopping them from leaving is the money Piper owes in student loans for a law school degree she never finished—much more than either of them can afford even with jobs at Vixens.


One night, a mysterious man who talks like a 1940s movie star appears at the club with a deal for Piper: pretend to be his girlfriend when and where he needs her, and he’ll take care of her money troubles. While Piper is skeptical of Alastair at first, Cass—once an escort herself—views the arrangement as nothing more than a job and encourages her. Desperate and overconfident, Piper agrees.


Soon Alastair begins asking Piper for strange favors, like using her position as his “girlfriend” to convince other women into going home with him. Piper hears alarm bells, but chooses to look the other way, the money he’s giving her enough to keep her from asking questions. Until reports of missing women start popping up, and Piper recognizes their faces. Women who were last seen leaving charity events with Alastair are making headlines, their bodies found with hearts ripped out. And Piper realizes she’s an unwitting accomplice in their murders. Worse, if she stops bringing Alastair victims, she or Cass is in danger of being next.

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