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The Arrangement

Adult, Thriller

Piper Wolfe, or Violet Sky as she’s known around the Vixens Club, has been stripping for the better part of a decade. She doesn’t mind the scene—she loves her strength and grace from pole dancing, and she loves taking money from men who tell her she’s beautiful—but the long nights have started to wear her down. It’s her girlfriend Candy who’d give anything to live a normal life and get out of the club, and Piper wants to see to it that she does.


A mysterious man with a wad of cash unheard of even at Vixens appears one night with a deal for Piper: pretend to be his girlfriend for appearances sake, and he’ll take care of both women so they no longer need to dance. It’s a deal too good to be true, until Erik begins asking for strange favors, like leading unsuspecting women into his home in the dead of night. 


Piper doesn’t ask questions. She’s using him as much as he’s using her. But then reports of missing women start popping up and Piper recognizes their faces. How badly does she need his money? Is it worth the cost, knowing the man paying her has secrets so sinister even she’s scared to find answers? Or is acting on her fears the greatest danger of all?

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