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Concert Fairy Tales

We all have that one moment that changes us. One risk that alters the course of our lives, allowing us to truly find out who we are and who we want to be. For me, that moment was boarding a plane to California to see a band. Concert Fairy Tales is a memoir about chasing the high that only live music can bring across the country. It's a coming of age in the middle of a mosh pit.

Concert Fairy Tales is filled with stories about navigating the country on a budget, seeing back to back to back shows to the point of exhaustion, and not knowing where you're sleeping afterward. Stories of being a young woman in a scene dominated by men, and spending time with musicians people idolize. Stories of how "rockstars" act after load-out, and how easy it is to write off problematic behaviors as normal because it's all you know. Stories of making friends, losing friends, falling in love and breaking your heart, with live music as the glue to it all.

I found myself through live music. I was awkward and shy until I started going to shows. I learned confidence and independence and strength and the ability to go where the wind takes me. And because of that, now I know who I am. I'm the damn Concert Fairy, and this is how I got my wings.

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