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Concert Fairy Tales

Growing up, Lindsay was the nerdy quiet girl who ate lunch in teachers’ classrooms and spent prom alone at the snack table. She felt safest behind her headphones, lost in the music of her favorite alt rock bands. When one of those bands, The Matches, announced a reunion show five years post-break up across the country while she was in grad school, Lindsay took a giant leap outside of her comfort zone and booked a flight to see them.


That may have been the first time she ever skipped class for an out-of-state show, but it wasn’t the last. She spent the better part of her 20s following bands like Green Day and Coheed and Cambria across the country, deciding against becoming a “real adult.” Between her life on the road and causing a glitter explosion so huge a leafblower was needed to clean up the venue, she eventually earned the nickname “Concert Fairy.”


Concert Fairy Tales is a memoir about one girl’s second coming-of-age in the middle of a mosh pit: how she found independence in traveling alone, confidence in singing and dancing and jumping off stages, and how she happily traded stability for adventure. Live shows were more than just the music; they were the backdrop for romance, heartbreak, and finding the friends who’d become family.

Lindsay Marshall began both writing professionally and working alongside musicians in 2012 as a staff writer for the FSView & Florida Flambeau, where her job was to preview local concerts. Since then, she’s been on staff for two online Millennial women’s magazines, Literally, Darling, and the whisp, specializing in personal essays and pop culture. Most notably, she created and ran the music blog Lindsay’s Untitled Rock Mag, which sparked the inspiration for this memoir.