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Sisters Not by Blood

New Adult, Thriller

Alexa Donne's The Ivies meets Layne Fargo's They Never Learn

It’s not the first time blood has been shed at the Gamma Beta Pi house, but now there’s a body in the front room and more are dropping.


Lila Hart was raised to become the perfect woman, training her whole life to follow in her mother’s footsteps as President of Gamma Beta Pi at North Florida U. However, it’s her junior year and life in Gamma is nothing like she imagined, and not just because she doesn’t stand a chance at the popularity contest of becoming President. The girls are vicious, far beyond just stealing boyfriends or Littles. Lila’s kept quiet about enough secrets to break her, including the fact that she’s been hospitalized twice at the hands of the Gammas.


Ellie Evans hoped pledging Gamma Beta Pi would give her a home after struggling to make friends her whole life as the “weird girl” who likes cats and mythology too much, but she’s continued to struggle her first year as a sister, only really befriending her Big, Lila. They regularly avoid sorority functions in favor of true crime marathons at the house, Ellie doing her best to quiet the voice in her head telling her she’s not good enough to be a top tier Gamma woman.


When a boy breaks the rules and stays in the Gamma house past dark, sisters start turning up dead, and all Lila and Ellie can think about is each other; a Little willing to risk her life for her Big, and a Big willing to kill for her Little. But Lila knows more than she lets on, and Ellie isn’t sure who she can trust anymore.

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